Master Channel's Settings

  1. Go to the dashboard.

  2. Select your server.

  3. Select your Master Channel under "Master Channels".

4. You may now edit your Master Channel!

General Settings

Voice channel names

Under "General" tab, you can choose what name temporary voice channels will have once created.

You can use these variables that will be replaced:

Permissions Syncing

Under "General" tab, find permissions syncing option. This option decides how temporary channels' permissions should be.

Available choices are:

  • No permissions synced

  • Sync permissions from Master Channel: Master Channel's permissions will be copied into temporary channels.

  • Sync permissions from the category: category's permissions will be copied to temporary channels.

Permissions Settings

Find these settings under Permissions tab.

Linked Roles

Linked Roles will be assigned when a user is connected to a temporary channel and will be removed when they leave.

Owner's Permissions

With Basic Editing Mode enabled, you get the following options:

  • Manage Channel: the ability of the users to edit channel names, bitrate, limit. Includes some commands like /rename, /bitrate, /kick, /ban, etc.

  • Manage Roles: will give the users the Discord's Manage Permissions permissions, allowing them to edit permissions in their channels. Warning: with this enabled, users may give themselves dangerous permissions such as mute and deafen. Use at discretion.

  • Quick Commands: the ability of users to use quick commands such as /private, /public, /hide, etc.

More permissions

There are much more options to edit. Find them in the same page!

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