How to enable Premium

Premium subscription is a way to support EmpyManager and get extra features with it. More information here.

How to subscribe and enable Premium

  1. Subcribe on Patreon.

  2. Connect your Patreon account to your Discord account: guide here.

  3. Use slash command /premium enable where you want to enable Premium (remember: 1 server for Premium and 3 for Premium+).

Remember: you can change your premium servers at any time. Just type /premium disable <server-id> to disable it and then enable it in another server with /premium enable.


I didn't receive my role on the Discord server

Make sure you properly connected your Patreon account to your Discord account as explained here. If this didn't work, please try to disconnect and connect back your accounts. If this hasn't worked yet, join our official Discord server here to get support.

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